About KCE Society Jalgaon

Khandesh College Education Society's (KCE Society) roots go back to 1944 when eminent personalities of the region wanted to establish an educational facility right in Jalgaon district. The objective behind this venture was to provide facility of higher education to the young aspiring population for whom the only option was to go to the cities like Bombay, Poona, Baroda, Vardha and Nagpur. Owing to this, Moolji Jaitha College was established in 1945 in Jalgaon. Within a short span, the college became one of the fore runners in field of higher education and soon the Society decided to expand its activities in other realms as well.

The establishment and running of various institutions of Khandesh College Education Society was only possible with zealous and ardent efforts of Late Dr. G.D. Bendale, an eminent surgeon of this region. It was his fervor and commitment that has made Khandesh College Education Society as what we see today. His vision of things was unparalleled and so was his practical and hands-off approach, which helped the next generation of equally capable leadership to develop at Khandesh College Education Society. His legacy endures; Khandesh College Education Society continues to offer broad-based and student oriented courses ranging from Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, Management, Law, Education, Physical Education, Geoinformatics etc.

Aims & Objectives of the Organisation

The Khandesh College Education Society has as its mission, the attainment of international distinction in education, scholarship, and public service. As the leading educational institution of Khandesh Region, Khandesh College Education Society combines a responsibility for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. It offers an extensive range of academic programs at primary, secondary & Higher secondary levels, apart from a plethora of courses & programs in higher education that encompass Arts, Sciences, Commerce, Law, Education, Management, Engineering, Geoinformatics, and the other professions.

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