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IMR Jalgaon was established on June 11, 1986. It is situated on a spacious campus in the midst of Jalgaon city. Everything around IMR Jalgaon echoes the vision of the founders and the process of change they initiated.

For more than two decades, IMR Jalgaon’s vision has been to excel in the field of management education.IMR Jalgaon is now recognized as one of the best and most respected business schools in the North Maharashtra region. This can largely be attributed to the periodic redefining of its mission to align itself with the changing times, while maintaining focus on social responsiveness.

Everything is changing and IMR Jalgaon is an exciting bridge to view these changes. India is going through very interesting and challenging times both economically and socially. This gives us at IMR Jalgaon, a vantage point that is most exciting for any management & computer application student today - new assumptions, new questions, new Theoretical constructs to explain emerging phenomena. We study social entrepreneurship, sustainability, diversity, behavioural complexity and human philosophy.

At IMR Jalgaon you experience the ancient wisdom and modern knowledge fused together in a charming Indian reality.

In the context of the MBA and MBA program, the Institute is encouraging an increasing exposure for its students in several ways:

Our strength in supporting entrepreneurial education is premised on the mentoring network. Consultancy services are provided to various kinds of organizations, for solving their problems and upgrading their management practices.

The Institute is to set up the Centre for Electronic Governance for developing e-Governance applications and a Centre for The Public Systems to conduct comprehensive research in the fields of health, energy and environment. The Centre for Management in Agriculture is engaged in research and training activities in the Agri-business sector. Recently the Institute has established the Centre for Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship to help innovators in successfully commercializing their innovations through an enterprise.

Some of the specific steps taken during the last couple of years are: Recruitment of new faculty, Offering new and contemporary elective courses, Review of course package, Development of new case materials, and Modernization of IT infrastructure. We believe that the best way to survive change is to initiate it.

Students at IMR Jalgaon are some of the most sought after - they are bright and innovative, are grounded well in both theory and practice, have a ‘can do’ attitude, have a holistic view of life and are caring citizens of this world. IMR Jalgaon has always enjoyed special preference of recruiters on account of its excellent performance sustained over a long period of time and its strong brand image in North Maharashtra. Today, IMR Jalgaon’s 2000 plus strong network of the Alumni occupy key positions in various organizations both in India and abroad, and have acted as the ambassadors of change wherever they have worked. Several Alumni also serve as faculty at different business schools From a modest beginning in 1986, IMR Jalgaon has now grown into a fully integrated management school. From the day of its inception, IMR Jalgaon nurtured a dream to become a leading management Institute with a global vision. In near future the dream will turn into reality.

Director, KCES's IMR Jalgaon

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