Campus Life at IMR

IMR Provides opportunities to students to plan organize and participate in college level events, as well as state and national level programs.

Students take a special thrill in organizing and participating in events, such as entrepreneur’s day, Managers Day, HR Meet. These are regular annual Events. Students get exposed to all the latest happenings in the corporate world.

IT festa is a 2 day national level events for students of computer application. They are encouraged to exhibit their skills in programming and software development. This events attract large number of students from other universities across various states.

Life at IMR include regular opportunities to attend guest lectures on various topics from eminent personalities, other activities such as fresher’s Day, Farewell day, Synergy exudes lot of enthusiasts and helps in keeping the campus in as harmonious atmospheres.

At IMR you are in the company of amazing people. Our mission is to create the world’s best managers and make them universally acceptable.

Students are encouraged to aim high and explore the possibility to achieve with fair degree of success. As a result, IMR boosts of many students who have made their work in various government departments especially in the police departments are students of computer science have joined many software companies both in India & abroad.

Our MBA students are exposed to various management related activities, and hence find it fairly easy to obtain appropriate placements.

All this is a reflection of the quality of campus life provided to the students by the institutes.

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