Bachelor in Computer Application + Master in Computer Application

Dual degree in MCA (BCA+MCA) is an integrated five years prestigious program approved by AICTE. BCA Course is a three year undergraduate program of semester pattern where students are exposed to various areas of computer applications. The course provides sound practical skills which is required for the latest development of industries. After three years students can be admitted for MCA which is conducted for next two years.

The main objective of the Dual Degree programme is to prepare students to face the challenges in software industry and academia by providing an excellent teaching, practices and research oriented environment.

Intake Capacity

Course Name Duration Intake
Bachelor in Computer Application + Master in Computer Application 3 + 2 Year 60 seats

Course Structure

1st Year (W.E.F July 2014)
Paper Semester I Paper Semester II
BCA 1.1 Computer Fundamentals & Office Automation BCA 2.1 LINUX Operating System
BCA 1.2 Basics of Accounting BCA 2.2 Discrete Mathematics
BCA 1.3 Programming using C++ - I BCA 2.3 Programming using C++ - II
BCA 1.4 Mathematical Foundation BCA 2.4 OOAD
BCA 1.5 Essentials of Web Designing BCA 2.5 System Programming
BCA 1.6 Lab on C++ I BCA 2.6 Lab on LINUX OS
BCA 1.7 Lab on Web Designing BCA 2.7 Lab on C++ - II
2nd Year (W.E.F July 2015)
Paper Semester III Paper Semester IV
BCA 3.1 System Analysis and Design BCA 4.1 Ecommarace
BCA 3.2 DBMS BCA 4.2 Java Programming
BCA 3.3 Data Structure BCA 4.3 Management Information System
BCA 3.4 Computer Network BCA 4.4 VB.NET
BCA 3.5 Operating System BCA 4.5 Computer Organization and Architecture
BCA 3.6 Lab on DBMS BCA 4.6 Lab on JAVA
BCA 3.7 Lab on DS BCA 4.7 Lab on VB.NET
3rd Year (W.E.F July 2016)
Paper Semester V Paper Semester VI
BCA 5.1 Web User Interface Design BCA 6.1 ERP & SAP
BCA 5.2 Theoretical Computer science (without Proof) BCA 6.2 PHP & MY-SQL
BCA 5.3 Software Engineering BCA 6.3 Software Testing
BCA 5.4 Computer Graphics BCA 6.4 Data warehousing and Mining
BCA 5.5 Computer Animation BCA 6.5 Cyber Security
BCA 5.6 Lab on Web UI Design BCA 6.6 Lab on PHP & MY_SQL
BCA 5.7 Lab on Comp. Graphics and animation BCA 6.7 Project & Viva voce
4th Year (W.E.F July 2017)
Paper Semester VII Paper Semester VIII
MCA 7.1 Design and Analysis of Algorithm MCA 8.1 Software Project Management
MCA 7.2 Automata Theory and Computability MCA 8.2 Internet Computing
MCA 7.3 Artificial Intillegent MCA 8.3 Network Programming
MCA 7.4 Advaced Java Programming MCA 8.4 Advanced CG
MCA 7.5 ADBMS MCA 8.5 Optimization Algorithm
MCA 7.6 Lab on Design and Analysis of Algorithm MCA 8.6 Lab on Internet Computing & CG
MCA 7.7 Lab on Advaced Java Programming MCA 8.7 Lab on Network Programming
5th Year (W.E.F July 2018)
Paper Semester IX Semester X
MCA 9.1 Compiler Construction 6 Month
Industrial Training
MCA 9.2 Cloud Computing
MCA 9.3 Mobile Computing - (Android)
MCA 9.4 Visual C++ (MFC)
MCA 9.5 Natural Language Processing
MCA 9.6 Lab on Mobile Computing
MCA 9.7 Lab on VC++

Admission Procedure

North Maharashtra University will declared common entrance test for Dual degree in MCA Course

students will be admitted, according to merit list.

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