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Sr. Date Activity Details
1 2-Jul-14 Movie Club
2 9-Jul-14 Business Activity
Aad MAD Show
3 16-Jul-14 PPT Presentation By BBS and BM Students
on "Indian Budget 2014-15"
Sr. Date Activity Details
1 15-Jun-13 Event Management BBM (BS) Students participating in program
organized by TATA Mutual Fund
3 25-Jun-13 Felicitation of University Toppers in the examination conducted
by North Maharashtra University
5 6-Jul-13 Video Telecast of "Life Changing Experience"
by Sandeep Maheshwari
6 13-Jul-13 SEMINAR on "Personality Development and Study Skills"
Speaker: Shri. Dinesh Patil, Manas Santilan Foundation
7 16-Jul-13 SEMINAR on "Entrepreneurship Development
Speaker: Shri. Hemant Thombare, Coordinator, MITCON, Jalgaon
8 20-Jul-13 SEMINAR on "Fine Arts, Drawing and Painting"
Speaker: Shri. Tarun Bhate, Kala Shala, Jalgaon
9 22-Jul-13 Guest Lecture on the occasion of "Guru Pornima"
Guest: Shri. Shankar Puntambekar, Jalgaon
10 28-Jul-13 MOVIE Club
11 2-Aug-13 Entrepreneurship Development PROJECT COMPETITION
(08 Groups, more than 72 students participated)
12 2-Aug-13 Guest Lecture
13 3-Aug-13 SEMINAR on "Meditation for Self Development"
Speaker: Dr. Parag Jahagirdar, Sahaj Marg
Dr. V. V. Katdare Sir (Director) addressing to the students
14 10-Aug-13 Welcome Day
15 09 - 18 Sep 2013 Event Management BBM (BS) Students participating in
Ganesh Festival @ Jalgaon Janata Bank
16 15/09/2013 SEMINAR on Indian Economy and Taxation System
Speaker: CA. Atul Deshmukh
17 16 - 18 Sep 2013 3 Days WORKSHOP on Entrepreneurship Development
Speaker: Shri. Sanjay Shidhaye, Pune
18 21/09/2013 SEMINAR on Capital Market by ICSI and BSE
Speaker: Shri. N. Shriniwasan, Mumbai
19 25/09/2013 SEMINAR on Interest Free Banking by Dr. Rahumtulla, Mumbai
20 30/09/2013 SEMINAR on Introduction to Stock Market
Speaker: Mr. Shailesh Sandhe, Nagpur
21 02/10/2013 GD Competition organized by Aasha Foundation
(50 Students in 5 Teams from IMR Participated - Won 2nd Prize)
22 07/10/2013 Guest Lecture on Art of Living
Speaker: Ms. Mahim Mishra, Jalgaon
23 17-Oct-13 3rd Entrepreneurs Day 2013 - University Level Event
Jointly Organized with Jalgaon Br. of WIRC of ICAI
Chief Guest - Shri. Anil Patkar, Shri. Suresh Chirmade
CA Parikshit Bhadade, CA Jayesh Lalwani, CA Nitin Zawar
Panel Discussion - Shri. Nitin Redasani, Shri. Arun Borole,
Shri. Hemant Thombare
Valedictory Program - Shri. Kiran Bendale
24 19-Oct-13 Late. Bhaskar Sabnis Commerce Quiz & Presentation Competition Sponsored by North Maharashtra University
Chief Guest - Shri. Vishnu Bhangale
Valedictory Program - Shri. Vidyadhar Panat
25 20-Dec-13 Industrial Visit to Parle G (R. J. Foods, MIDC, Jalgaon) (Total 54 Students)
26 24-Dec-13 Management Games (Business Activity Day)
27 27-Dec-13 MOVIE Club
Film "GAFLA" Based on Harshad Mehta and Stock Market
28 31-Dec-13 MOVIE Club
29 2-Jan-14 Guest Lecture on Communicative English
Speaker: Mr. K. Vijaykumar, Dhule
30 10-Jan-14 Guest Lecture on "How to Develop Passion" by Sagar Zawar
Video Telecast of "VIPASSANA in Tihar Jail"
31 27-Jan-14 Felicitation of University Toppers in the examination conducted
by North Maharashtra University
32 15-Feb-14 Guest Lecture
Shri. Girish Tilak, Dombavili addressed Students
33 1-Apr-14 Guest Lecture by Shri. Ravikumar Aiyer
Sr. Date Activity Details
1 20-Jun-12 WELCOME DAY for BBM (BS) students
Addressed by Director Dr. Vivek Katdare Sir
Guest Lecture by Prof. Ranjan Kantha
2 27-Jun-12 Business Activity Day (Episode 1)
Morning Session: Workshop on "Communication Skills"
Speaker : Mr. Mahendra Tayde
    Afternoon Session: Movie Club - Film "GAFLA"
(Based on Harshad Mehta) & Discussions
3 4-Jul-12 Business Activity Day (Episode 2)
Morning Session:
Workshop on "Self Awarness and Self Esteem"
Speaker : Dr. Vivek V. Katdare Sir
    Workshop on "Communication Skills"
Speaker : Mr. Mahendra Tayde (Pune)
    Afternoon Session: SWOT Analysis
4 14-Jul-12 Business Activity Day (Episode 3)
GD Compition
5 18-Jul-12 Business Activity Day (Episode 4)
Movie Club - Secret
6 21-Jul-12 Corporate Quiz Competition
7 25-Jul-12 Business Activity Day (Episode 5)
Quiz Competition
8 1-Aug-12 Business Activity Day (Episode 6)
Study Tour @ Jain Irrigation (Bambhori and Shirsoli plant)
9 2-Aug-12 Guest Lecture on "Vision 2030"
Speaker: Dr. Avinash Saoji
10 9-Aug-12 Business Activity Day (Episode 7)
Personality Development & How to Study?
Speaker: Shri. K. D. Kolhe
11 22-Aug-12 Business Activity Day (Episode 8)
Seminar on "Pranik Healing" Speaker: Miss. Ruchi Bothara
Interview with Rabbani Shaikh (Air Force, India)
12 29-Aug-12 Business Activity Day (Episode 9)
Aptitude Test (English, Verbal Reasoning, Maths, GK)
13 31-Aug-12 Guest Lecture on "Anti - Tobacco" Project
Speaker: Dr. Vaijayanti Padhye
14 5-Sep-12 Business Activity Day (Episode 10)
Blood Donation Camp - Godavari Blood Bank
15 13-Sep-12 Business Activity Day (Episode 11)
AD MAD Show (Creative and Innvoative Ideas with Fun)
16 5-Oct-12 Seminar on Mutual Fund
Speaker: Shri. Sunil Gagdani
17 5-Oct-12 Inauguration of Students and Members Facilitation Centre and
Oral Coaching of WIRC - ICAI
Inaugural Guest and Speakers: Shri. Sanjay Prabhudesai,
CMA Ashok Nawal, CMA Vijay Joshi, Shri. Kiran Bendale,
Shri. D. S. Nemade, CA Dr Vivek Katdare
18 1-Jan-13 Tree Plantation @ IMR
19 4-Jan-13 Guest Lecture on Anti - Terrorism Awareness
20 11-Jan-13 Workshop on "Software of the Mind" by Dr. V. V. Katdare
21 /01/2013 Guest Lecture on "Swami Vivekanand Principle"
Speaker: Shri. Varad Bapat(IIT Mumbai)
Sr. Date Activity Details
1 20-Jul-11 Workshop on "Personality Development"
Speaker: Shri. Abhijit Dharmadhikari
2 30-Jul-11 Mr. Sandeep Singh, Mumbai
Guest Lecture on "Glory of Indian Management"
3 3-Aug-11 Quiz Competition
4 8-Aug-11 Dr. Swaminathan
Guest Lecture on "Disaster Management" or
"Harmony with Nathure"
5 13-Aug-11 A Project Competition on "Income and Expenditure
analysis of an family in different groups"
6 10/1/2011 Workshop on
Topic: Competitive Skills
7 1/21/2012 Seminar on 'Financial Literacy' by UTI Mutual Fund in
association with Ministry of Corporate Affairs
Speaker: Mr. Amit Kumar, Br Manager, UTI
8 2/4/2012 Dhulia District Collector Lecture on Vipakshana
9 3/6/2012 Workshop on Personality Developemnt (Organized by Rotaract IMR Club)
Speaker: Shri. Gani Menon
10 3/22/2012 Guest Lecture on "Water Resource Management" on the
occasion of "World Water Day"
Speaker: Shri. Vasantrao Thakare, Dr. Newalkar
11 29-Aug-11 Guest Lecture on "Shivaji & his management principles"
Speaker: Shri. Ninad Bedkar (Pune)

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