Library Rules

  1. Use of mobile phones, Smoking, eating chewing gum and tobacco is strictly prohibited.
  2. I-card is essential to each and every student and they are requested to keep the books/magazines/Journals or any other material used in their respective places after use and no library material will be taken out of the library without the permission of the Librarian.
  3. Each student can borrow 03 Books for a period of one week.
  4. At the time of library renewal registration, Xerox copy of admission Fees Challan & Passport size latest Photo is required.
  5. At the time of library Clearance (No-Dues) each year’s library number along with I-Card is Compulsory.
  6. A book issued can be renewed on or before the due date, once for a period of one week only. Same title is renewed only once in month.
  7. A Late fine of Rs.2 will charged per book per day.
  8. No books will be issued once the fine crosses Rs.50.for individual.
  9. If a book is lost, the concerned person has to replace the lost book with a new book, or will have to pay 1&1/2 times of the printed price of the book.

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