Sr.No. Computer Periodicals Management Periodicals
1 National Journal of Systems And Information Technology AFAQS Reporter
2 International journal of Business Paralytics and Intelligence AIMA Indian Management
3 International journal of Knowledge Based Computer Systems AIMS International Journal of Management
4 international journal of Systems and Software Engineering Asia pacipic journal of management research and innovation
5 Journal of Applied Information Science. Asin journal of management cases
6 International Journal of Distributed and Cloud Computing Career
7 Journal of Network and Information Security. Competition Affairs
8 Advances in Indian Software Planning & Testing Drushti Lakshy
9 Current Development in Digital Information Technology Gloal Bussiness Review
10 Indian Journal of Computer Simulation Gyan Samhita Research Journal
11 Indian journal of Advance multimedia & Image processing Harvard Business Review
12 Indian journal of Advances in Computer Science Technology IIM kozikode society & management review
13 Indian Journal of Business Information Systems IIMB Management Review-Ahmedabad
14 Indian Journal of Computational Intelligence I Bioinformatics IIMB Management Review-Bangalore
15 Indian Journal of Computer & Internet Security Indian Journal of Marketing
16 Indian Journal of Computer Graphics & Techniques Institute for future Education Enterpriship
17 Indian Journal of Computer Networking & Modern Techniques International Journal of Rural Management
18 Indian journal of Computer Science in Higher Education Jadhavpur Journal of International Relations
19 Indian journal of Computer Science : Theory & Practical Jindal Journal of Business Research
20 Indian Journal of Current Development in Data Warehousing Journal of Human Values
21 Indian journal of Current Development in Higher Performance Computing Journal of Emerging Market Finance
22 Indian Journal of Current Techniques in Computer Graphics Life Positive
23 Indian Journal of Cybernetics & Hybrid Computing Management and Labour Studies
24 Indian journal of Data Mining & Warehouse Management Guru : Journal of Management
25 Indian Journal of Image Processing & Techniques MBA Today
26 Indian Journal of Information Science & Computer Application Monthly commentary on Indian Economics Condition
27 Indian Journal of Mobile Communication & Networks Seminar
28 Indian Journal of Modern Grid Computing South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases
29 Indian Journal of Modern Scientific Computing South Asian Journal of Human Resource Management
30 Indian Journal of Networks & Applications Southern Economist
31 Indian Journal of Signal & Image Processing Spardha Pariksha
32 Indian Journal of Soft Computing Processing & Techniques Spardha Pariksha Nokari Sandarbha- G.K.
33 Indian Journal of Soft Computing The IUP Journal of Accounting Research & Audit Practice
34 Indian journal of Wireless & Mobile Communications The IUP Journal of Business Strategy
35 Indian Journal of Wireless Networks & Communications The IUP Journal of Case Folio
36 Journal of Advance software Engineering The IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship Development
37 Journal of Information Science & Application. The IUP Journal of Knowledge Management
38 The IUP Journal of Computer Science The IUP Journal of Marketing Management
39 CSI Communications The IUP Journal of Operations Management
40 Computer Express The IUP Journal of Organizational Behavior
41 The IUP Journal of Soft Skills
42 The IUP Journal of Applied Economics
43 The IUP Journal of Applied Finance
44 The IUP Journal of Brand Management
45 The IUP Journal of Corporate Governance
46 The IUP Journal of Effective Executive
47 The IUP Journal of Financial Risk Management
48 The IUP Journal of International Relations
49 The IUP Journal of Management Research
50 The IUP Journal of Supply Chain Management
51 The IUP Journal of Bank Management
52 The Journal of Entrepreneurship
53  Think Line
54 Umed
55 Vikalpa
56 Vision the Journal of Business Perspective
57 Vivek
58 Yojana

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