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Institute of Management & Research, Jalgaon
Affiliated to North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
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International Journal

Sr. No Faculty Name Title of Publication Publisher Author
1 A Study of Security Awareness Among Android Users International Journal of Computer Science & Engineering Technology (IJCSET) Pramod Ghogare Manoj Patil
2 Shanlax International Journal of Management Shanlaxjournals Shubhada Mohan Kulkarni
3 International Journal of Scientific Research IJSR Komal Badlani Dr Mrs Shubhada Kulkarni
4 International Journal of Computer Research and Technology Dept of Comp Science, P. O. Nahata College, Dr Shubhada Mohan Kulkarni Mr Sandip Ramakant Ghodke
5 IOSR Journal of Business and Management IOSR Journal of Management Dr Shubhada Mohan Kulkarni
6 International Journal of Research and Development Atharva Publications Ms Pranita S Jumade Dr Shubhada Kulkarni
7 World Academic Journal Of Management World Academics Shubhada Mohan Kulkarni
8 International Journal of Contemporary Research in Management, Engineering and Health Sciences Sahyadri Institute of Management Studies Dr Shubhada Mohan Kulkarni
9 International Journal of Advances in Management, Technology & Engineering Sciences Choice College of Arts and Commerce Dr Shubhada Mohan Kulkarni
10 Research Dimensions Laxmi Book Publication, Solapur Dr. Anupama Prabhat Chaudhari
11 Employee Engagement in Mega Mart: A Study on City in India 3D... IBA Journal of Management & Leadership Narkhede, P.A.; Chaudhari, P.R.
12 Employee turnover in readymade apparel Stores LBS Journal of Management & Research Narkhede, P. A.
13 An empirical study of Blood Types and Personality Pratibha: International Journal Of Science, Spirituality, Business And Technology (IJSSBT) Narkhede, P. A.
14 Employee Turnover in Hospitality Industries: a study on food serving staff. JIMS8M: The Journal of Indian Management & Strategy Narkhede, P. A.
15 Managing Educational Services, a strategic outlook Asia Pacific Journal of Research Rahate, V., & Narkhede, P.
16 HRM issues in Retailing. International Journal of Retailing and Marketing Chaudhari, P. R., & Narkhede, P. A.
17 Multiculturalism and Human Resource Management Practices PCTE Journal Of business Management Narkhede, P. A.
18 Impact of Industrial Relations on labour turnover in Plastic Industries: A Review PUMBA Research Journal Narkhede, P. A.
19 Food Security in India: Concept, Realities & Innovations Global Journal of Business Management Lathi, B. J., & Narkhede, P. A.
20 Challenges of Human Resource Management in borderless world Global Journal of Management Science Narkhede, P. A., & Joshi,S.P.
21 Special Economic zones: Issues & Implications International Journal of Management Science Narkhede, P. A., & Joshi,S.P.
22 Impact of Pay and Promotion on Level of Job Satisfaction of Medical Representatives International Journal of Engineering and Management Research Mavale, S.; Narkhede, P.
23 An Empirical Study on How Activity Based Costing is relevant to Enabling Managers take better Business Decisions International Journal of Research in Finance and Marketing Tipre, S. & Narkhede, P. A
24 Employee Supportive HR Practices In Small Sized Companies To Deal With Organisational Role Stress In Dual Career Couples Discovery: the International Journal Dahad, Mamata., & Narkhede, Parag
25 Child Labour In Unorganised Retail Sector: Facts And Realities (A Case Study Of Jalgaon District) International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences Warke, N. P., Narkhede, P.
26 A study to findout the perception of the customers about brand Maggie noodles after the Maggie controversy with respect to Pune urban area. International Research Journal of Management Science & Technology Patil,V.; Sinha, P.; Narkhede P.
27 To Study the effectiveness of facebook advertisement among management students with special reference to Pune city International Research Journal of Management Sociology & Humanity 21. Patil,V.S.; Sinha, P.; Narkhede P.
28 Driving Business Excellence through Work-Life Balance International Journal of Research and Development Dahad, M., & Narkhede, P.
29 Job satisfaction: A comparative study between information technology industry and automobile industry International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences Mantri, S., & Narkhede, P.
30 Management Institutes in India: Present Scenario ITIHAS The Journal of Indian Management Narkhede, P., A.