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Institute of Management & Research, Jalgaon
Affiliated to North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
NAAC Accredited, ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute

National Journal

Sr. No Faculty Name Title of Publication Publisher Author
1 Good Business V/S Being Good In Business: Need To Be Followed By Corporate Vision Research Mr.swapnil kate, Jayashree Mahajan
2 Leadership Challenges In Managing Orgational Change And Organizational Culture With Special Reference To Jain Irrigation System Ltd. Vision Research Mr.Swapnil Kate , Ms. Komal Jain
3 VIVEK VIKAS YAWALKAR Indian Society: Issues, Problems and Changes Ajanta Prakashan Shubhada Mohan Kulkarni
4 VIVEK VIKAS YAWALKAR Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization: Impact on Indian System-An Assessment Ajanta Prakashan Shubhada Mohan Kulkarni
5 VIVEK VIKAS YAWALKAR Vision Research Atharva Publications Ms Pranita S Jumade Dr S. M. Kulkarni
6 VIVEK VIKAS YAWALKAR Vision Research Atharva Publications Dr Shubhada Mohan Kulkarni
7 VIVEK VIKAS YAWALKAR Vision Research Atharva Publications Dr Shubhada Mohan Kulkarni
8 VIVEK VIKAS YAWALKAR IBMRD’s Journal of Management and Research Excel India Publishers Shubhada Mohan Kulkarni
9 VIVEK VIKAS YAWALKAR Cosmos. Bi Annual Journal M C E Society’s Abeda Inamdar Senior Arts, Science & Commerce College Mrs Shubhada Mohan Kulkarni
10 VIVEK VIKAS YAWALKAR 4. Jidnyasa Reseach Journal Smt. Hiraben Nanawati Institute Shubhada Mohan Kulkarni
11 E-Shopping and Youth: Study of Awareness and Impact IJCRT Mr. Sandip Ramakant Ghodke Dr. Shubhada M. Kulkarni
12 Human Resource Management in post Globalized Economy Gyansamita Journal Narkhede, P. A.
13 Attrition Trends in India: Issues & Implications Vision Research Chaudhari, P. R., & Narkhede, P. A.
14 Corporate Mergers and Human Resource vis-a-vis Finance Vishwakarma Business Review Narkhede, P. A.; Lathi,B.J.
15 Customer Relationship Management in technology driven environment AIM Explore Narkhede, P. A.
16 Implementation Status Of Human Resource Issues Of Child Labour In Unorganized Retailing (A Case Study Of Jalgaon District) Tactful Management Research Journal Warke, N. P., Narkhede, P.
17 Women Empowerment: Skill Enhancement through encouraging entrepreneurship Tactful Management Research Journal Warke, N. P., Narkhede, P. (2015) . , IF: 2.1632(UIF)
18 Effect of Work Life Balance and Ethics on Quality of Service Vision Research Dahad, M., & Narkhede, P.
19 Consumer Decision Making Process in Retailing – A Strategic Approach Journal of research and Development Khadke, G, & Narkhede, P
20 Corporate Social Responsibility by Indian Business Houses Vision Research Narkhede, P., & Warke, N.
21 PRAMOD PRAKASH GHOGARE Effective Email Spam Classification Using Origin Based Information International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering Pramod Ghogare, Ajay Surwade, Manoj Patil.
22 PRAMOD PRAKASH GHOGARE A Study of Security Awareness among Android Users International Journal of Computer Science & Engineering Technology Pramod Ghogare, Manoj Patil