Khandesh College Education Society's
Institute of Management & Research, Jalgaon
Affiliated to KBC North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
NAAC Accredited 'A' Grade (3.17) CGPA | NBA Accredited MBA Program
Research Center for

Commerce and Management

In keeping with its Vision & Mission, KCES’s Institute of Management and Research, Jalgaon managed by KCE Society, established “Research Center for Commerce and Management” –a separate entity approved by KBC North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon vide letter no KBCNMU/11/Lab.Recog./4687/2019 dtd. 22.11.2019 for three years, to promote Research in Commerce and Management, create and sustain a research culture, foster research activities among Faculty and students. The purpose is to encourage, guide and coordinate the initiatives of the Faculty and students towards doctoral research in Commerce and Management faculty, towards major and minor research projects, towards organizing of national and international conferences, towards presentation of research papers and their publication in reputed journals, and similar other research-related matters.


The research Center provides a broad framework to guide scholarly research with the following objectives:

  •    To create and promote a research culture among the faculty and research students.
  •    To identify research areas and specify research topics of relevant academic significance
  •    To organize workshops/FDP’s on research topics and training programmes on research methodology.
  •    To ensure quality, integrity and ethics in research.
  •    To publish research material in appropriate media and to make available such published information to the end users.
  •    To facilitate the publication of reports submitted by the research scholars
  •    To serve as a facilitator providing research guidance to the research students of KBCNMU under commerce and Management faculty.
  •    To formulate Research Advisory committee for conducting six monthly progress reports.


The Management of KCES’s Institute of Management and Research, Jalgaon hereby affirms the following principles concerning research:

  •    Individual research scholars should be free to select the subject matter of their research, to seek support from any legal financial source for their work, and to arrive at their own findings and conclusions. These findings and conclusions should be available for peer’s scrutiny and criticism.
  •    Research techniques should not violate established professional ethics pertaining to the health, safety, privacy, and other personal rights of human beings.
  •    The Management shall create an environment conducive to research by providing suitable infrastructural facilities such as space, library, lab facilities, and funding if available, based on the educational merit of the proposed research.
  •    The Management authorizes the Director to initiate, promote and monitor the research activities in the institution by constituting a Head of the Research Center (Head will be a senior faculty not below the level of Associate Professor). Thye Research center will consist of approved Ph.D. guides of KBC NMU, Jalgaon as members along with one advisory member not below the rank of Professor from other reputes college/Institute.


At KCES’s IMR, we believe that research is the cornerstone of knowledge creation, and dissemination. In the fast-paced business world, research provides a framework for refinement of existing business practices. Keeping this in mind, our research policy is to “Provide support to inquisitive minds.” i.e. to extend requisite support to the faculty, students and researchers in all aspects in pursuit of their quest for knowledge.

The Institute provides following support facilities to the faculty members to promote research in the Institute.

  •    All the Faculty members and students are encouraged to do research
  •    Faculty members shall be permitted to attended conference/workshop relevant to their field of research in India or Abroad with duty leave. The Registration Fees and one-way travel expenses for attending any 2 conference in a year will be reimbursed by the Institute
  •    Students are also encouraged to attend conferences. The Registration Fees and one-way travel expenses for attending one conference in a year will be reimbursed by the Institute
  •    Institute has Policy to reward for high quality research publications. Institute will give Rs. 2000 as incentive to faculty members and MBA students for publishing paper in a Scopus listed/ Web of Science Journal
  •    Faculty members are encouraged to apply for research projects from funding agencies or industries relevant to their field of interest.


  •    The research Center shall function during the Institutes working hours.
  •    The research scholars can avail membership of Research center in Commerce and Management, by paying membership fees of Rs. 1000/- Membership fee is waived to serving faculty members and MBA students.
  •    All the members will get access to IMR library and all subscribed contents such as online journals, databases, books etc.
  •    Free access is given to SPSS research software and allied resources for all registered members