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Research Publication

Sr. No. Author name Year Title and Publication Details Indexing National/International
1.         Dr.  Parag Narkhede 2020 A study of literature review on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code,Aegaeum Journal, ISSN 0776-3808,Vol -8(2),page no. 282-293. Scopus International
2.         Dr. Anupama Chaudhari 2020 A study on employee absenteeism in hospitals of Jalgaon City, Studies in Indian Place Name, ISSN 2394-3114, Vol-40(27), Page No. 23-35 UGC care listed International
3.         Dr. Nishant Ghuge 2020 Fundamental Analysis of Selected Public and Private Sector banks in India, International Journal of Research, Science, Technology & Management, e-ISSN:2455-2240 Volume 13, Issue I Peer Reviewed International
4.         Dr. Nishant Ghuge 2020 A Study of Impact of Make in India Campaign on the Indian Economy,SSRG International Journal of Economics and Management Studies,ISSN 2393-9125,Vol 7,Issue 2,Page no. 92-96. Peer Reviewed International
5.         Dhanashree Chaudhari 2020 A study of Compensation and its impact on Job satisfaction and on Employees`s Performance, Proceeding of International conference on future of work,workforce and workplace,ISBN-978-81-9436-5-3,Issue 1,Page no.241 Peer Reviewed National
6.         Dr. Anupama Chaudhari, 2020 Management Information System in educations institutions- an Introduction, International Journal of Computer Research & Technology Peer Reviewed International
7.         Ms. Mamata Dahad,  Dr. Parag Narkhede 2019 (2019),Transformational Leadership in Businesses,Research Journey,ISSN-2348-7143,Vol-1 Issue-1 Pg no.-13, UGC Listed International
8.         Dr. Shubhada Kulkarni, Sadhna Thatte 2019 ()Awarness, Adoption and Challenges of Mobile Banking App: An Imperical Study,Journal of Information and Computation Science,ISSN 1548-7741,Vol 12,Issue 6,Page no. 104-109 Peer Reviewed International
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15.      Prof. Shubhada Kulkarni, Sandip Ghodke 2019 Social Media and Youth: Study on its Impact, Benefits and Challenges,Research Journey,ISSN 2348-7143,Issue 96A,page no.210-216 UGC Listed International
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21.      Dr. Vivek Vikas Yawalkar 2019 (Feb-19),A Study of Artificial Intelligence and Its role in Human Resource Management”,International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR)P-ISSN No. 2348-1269, E-ISSN ,Page no.20-24 Peer Reviewed International
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28.      Prof. Shubhada Kulkarni 2019 A Study on Awareness of M-Banking App in Rural Areas of Jalgaon district,International Research Fellows Association's Reasearch Journey,ISSN 2348-7143,Special Issue 178, UGC Listed International
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44.      Sandip Ghodke 2018 Awareness and Adoption of Digital Distribution Channels,Vidyawarta,ISSN 2319-9318,Page no.01-10 UGC Listed International
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