Khandesh College Education Society's
Institute of Management & Research, Jalgaon
Affiliated to KBC North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
NAAC Accredited 'A' Grade (3.17) CGPA | NBA Accredited MBA Program

Conference Theme

Main theme

Sustainable Ideas for Business in the New Normal

  • Sustainable Business and Marketing 
    1. Services related to Marketing 
    2. Customer Relationship Management
    3. Green marketing – A tool for sustainability
    4. Marketing Analytics for Sustaining Business
    5. Tapping Rural Market for Business Sustainability
    6. Marketing strategies build around Gen-Z
    7. Integrated Tools for Robust Marketing 
    8. Decoding Consumer Behavior in the Digital Age
    9. Impact of Pandemic on Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Challenges for Human Resources Management
    1. Talent Acquisition, Management & HR Engagement
    2. Training & Development
    3. Leadership and Corporate Communication
    4. Workforce Diversity, Global HRM, Green HRM
    5. Performance Management Strategic HRM 
    6. Employment Dynamics 
    7. Stress Management, Work and Family Balance
    8. Team Development and Organizational Structure Modifications
    9. Virtual Communication in HR 
    10. Recent Trends in HR, VUCA
  • Sustainable business and Changes in Financial Sector
    1. Sustainable business and Changes in Financial Sector
    2. Building Corporate Governance Strategies
    3. Financial Services - Public Finance, Banking, Insurance 
    4. Capital Market Behavioral Finance 
    5. Corporate Restructuring for Financial Management
    6. Structured Finance and Financial Engineering
    7. International Finance
    8. Risk Assessment and Risk Management in New Normal
    9. Need of Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion in Next Normal
    10. Recent Trends in Finance 
  • Sustainable business and Information Technology
    1. Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis in Businesses
    2. ERP and Business Process Re-engineering 
    3. IT Innovations in businesses 
    4. E-Business Models Cognitive & Block Chain Technologies
    5. Recent Trends in Operations & IT Infrastructure
    6. IT Infrastructure for smart cities and digital villages
    7. New-age Technology for Building Sustainable Businesses
    8. Cyber Crimes, security and its Influence on Businesses
    9. IT Integration to Build Resilient Systems and Organizations
    10. Implementations of Cloud Computing in New-age Businesses
    11. Smart Tech for Resilient Businesses
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    1. Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development
    2. Challenges in Rural Entrepreneurship
    3. Role of IT in Entrepreneurship
    4. Skill Development and Subsidiaries  
    5. Start-ups, Social Entrepreneurship 
    6. Developing Managerial Capabilities for MSMEs
    7. Sustainability in Family Businesses  
    8. Innovation in Eco-Entrepreneurship
    9. Cultural and Social Orientations for Entrepreneurship Development
    10. Recent Trends in Entrepreneurship and Startups
  • Sustainable business and Current Economy
    1. Monetary and Fiscal Policy
    2. Humanities, Logistics and Healthcare
    3. Environmental Policies for Disaster Management and Role of NGOs
    4. Challenges and crisis management
    5. Livelihood and Agricultural Economics
    6. Service Economy, Inclusive Growth
    7. e-Governance and current economy
    8. Social Media and economical changes